The Science Behind Our Products

"From Science to Skin Care"

DERMDERM's products have been specially developed by dermatologists and burn treatment experts with over decades of research and testing. Our skin care products are based on two scientific techniques used to treat and heal the skin barrier and its natural abilities for faster regeneration.


The BiLayer Protector™ Technology

The BiLayer Protector™ Technology is based on the cellular mechanism of our skin to naturally absorb nutrients more effectively and safely.

Our technique targets the lipid bilayers of the living cell membrane to protect it from harmful substances or exposures to the skin, like heat and contamination. Protecting and strengthening the bilayer allows our skin to absorb all the necessary ingredients required for accelerated regeneration. In other words, our technology helps the skin "communicate" through cellular signals to accept the delivery of nutrients.

DERMDERM's formulas are created using a "Bio-Reactor Formulation Technology" that analyzes repeating units composed of high molecules such as proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides.

In order for our skin to repair from damages, it needs to be rebuilt from small molecules such as amino acids and monosaccharides to large molecules such as proteins and polysaccharides that make up skin tissue. Improperly mixing the ingredients can cause the molecules to break down, causing a product to be ineffective or unsatisfactory.

The key ingredients used in our products are carefully identified and blended under optimal clinical conditions to maximize the product's full potency.

AuRA Complex Anti-Aging Technology

Reverse signs of aging and advance skin recovery with "AuRA," which stands for Auto Revitalize Ability.

AuRA allows the skin to naturally recover and rejuvenate damaged skin cells using our body's own natural repairing system for healthy, well-nourished skin. Three essential elements used in DERMDERM's AuRA Complex Anti-Aging Technology have been found through multiple trials and research. The ingredients work together in three stages to effectively target the acid mantle, a thin layer on the surface of the skin that acts as a natural barrier.

The AuRA Complex 3 Stage™

3 Key Ingredients

 1. Panthenol (calm and smoothing)

    Moisturizes damaged skin to help recovery and repair

 2. Avocado Oil (circulation)

    Extracted β-Sitosterol improves and promotes flow and cell division and growth

 3. Probiotic Complex (recovery and balance)

    Helps skin cell regeneration, stem cell movement and reproduction